The Network

The Community Sustainability Network is all about sharing ideas and working collaboratively to create a sustainable community and region.  It is administered and financed by the Town of Bridgewater, and guided by the community, for the benefit of the community. 

Mission: the Network engages Bridgewater and area citizens and organizations in opportunities for sustainability education and collaborative action.

The Network achieves this by providing a means for all community members and organizations to…
  • become educated and share knowledge about sustainability
  • participate in collective sustainability initiatives and actions
  • learn about and support the community’s overall progress toward its sustainability goals
Participation in the Network is free.  Network members sign on to the Sustainability Charter, which contains the Network's Vision, Focus Areas, Principles for Sustainability, and Commitments of Members.

The Network has 3 action teams that support its development:
  • Events & Engagement Team
  • Membership & Online Tools Team
  • Vision & Monitoring Team
People and organizations who join the Network are welcome to join these action teams, and to take part in regular Advisory Committee meetings to help with the overall development of the Network.


To mark the way toward a sustainable future, the community came together to create the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP), a long-range plan to develop a sustainable community.  In order to develop the ICSP, the Town started the "Bridgewater Sustainability Partnership" program to encourage participation from local businesses and organizations.  With the completion of the ICSP in 2010, the Partnership Program was redeveloped into the Community Sustainability Network in order to increase the capacity of the community at large to achieve its long term sustainability vision and goals:
  • Moving to efficient renewable energy
  • Supporting healthy affordable local food
  • Creating transportation alternatives
  • Building a green self-supportive local economy
  • Ensuring that municipal infrastructure is sustainable
  • Educating for Sustainability
Of course there are many more aspects of sustainability that we need to work on as a community, but these 6 areas are highlighted as a good place to start.  The Community Sustainability Network is all about helping each other learn more about sustainability, and working together to make good things happen.

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